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Bridgesplit introduces transformative efficiency and flexibility to asset-based capital markets. The protocol enables sophisticated loan structuring and supports complex collateral, including LP tokens, natively-staked SOL, and tokenized treasuries.

Bridgesplit Markets, the permissionless interface for the Bridgesplit Protocol, facilitates diverse borrowing transactions, from DeFi users unlocking memecoin liquidity to DePIN participants financing hardware purchases.

Bridgesplit Prime, an enhanced permissioned experience integrated into Bridgesplit Markets, offers institutional-grade features, such as compliance controls, OTC deal flow, and embedded on/off-ramps. Bridgesplit Prime is purpose-built for use cases such as whiskey traders leveraging inventory and early protocol employees seeking liquidity on locked assets.


The Bridgesplit Protocol is a peer-to-peer system and on-chain matching engine for borrowing and lending tokens on Solana, combining the market structures and risk management of traditional finance with the viability and scalability of public blockchains. The protocol addresses fundamental inefficiencies and limitations that have hindered growth in the first generation of DeFi and showcases the advancements made possible by Solana.

By abandoning the traditional pool-based models in favor of a more flexible and efficient orderbook-based model, Bridgesplit supports any collateral asset and loan structure. This advancement unlocks billions of dollars in latent Total Value Locked (TVL) across some of Solana's largest protocols and asset issuers.

On Bridgesplit, users can:

  • Leverage alternative collateral assets, such as natively staked SOL, liquidity provider positions, and tokenized "real-world" assets
  • Manage assets with predictability by borrowing and lending at fixed rates and durations
  • Lend with custom rates and terms on a per-asset basis
  • Access the best market rates, made possible by improved market efficiency and risk control

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