Creating a Curated Index
Creating an NFT Curated Index is very similar to fractionalizing an NFT. Step one is selecting the assets to include. You click the asset and set the price you believe it's worth.
This price is not what the asset will be purchased for, assets are only purchased from the index in exchange for index tokens.
Step two is issuing shares and picking your ticker. As with fractionalization, we are unable to instantly publish this information to the public solana token list so it will show up as "Unknown Token" for a while after. As a side note, the number of tokens issued maybe be a few decimals above or below your target number, this is due to rounding issues with the relative prices of the tokens.
Creating an index takes 3+ transactions depending on how many assets you deposit. This is a solana blockchain constraint and we are working on a solution. But don't be surprised if it takes considerably longer.
Step three is voting on whether or not you'd like the entire pool to be purchasable and if so what price to start the auction at.
Steps four and five have you set up a market and list your shares for sale on that market if you would like!
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