Key Features of a Curated Index
Within a curated index, there are 5 tabs that a creator can choose from.
The Assets Tab | Performance Tab | Buyout Tab | Vote Tab | Manage Tab
Assets Tab
The assets tab shows the contents of the index and the price (denoted in shares) for the assets. If asset swaps are enabled, the buyout button will be blue for anyone with enough shares to purchase the asset.
Performance Tab
The performance tab shows a variety of metrics around the index. Most notably, the price performance of the token.
Buyout Tab
The buyout tab will show the voting results and the price to start the auction.
The Vote Tab
The vote tab is where a user will directly interact and place/change votes as they see fit.
Manage Tab
The manage tab allows users who create indexes to change the respective prices and add new assets to the pool.
Trading Panel
The trading panel allows users to swap on the Bridgesplit AMM, provide liquidity to the AMM, and trade on an orderbook.
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