Fractionalization is currently open to whitelisted projects. To include your collection in the whitelisted project list, DM us.
Fractionalization is a product by Bridgesplit that enables users to fractionalize an NFT and trade fractions of that NFT on a market powered by Raydium and Serum. Fraction owners can also vote on the buyout and buyout price of the fractionalized asset. Fraction owners can also provide liquidity to the market, earning yield from trading fees.
Fractionalization — or the transformation of a non-fungible asset into fungible assets is a core piece of infrastructure to enable the composability of NFTs and DeFi. For owners of popular or expensive assets, fractionalization enables the ability to (1) free up liquidity and (2) maintain upside. For fraction collectors, fractional ownership may be the only affordable exposure to top assets. Top collections may also be interested in fractionalize an asset to expan a community from 10,000 to 100,000.
Via integrations with Grape protocol and Squads, fNFTs can still provide the utility of the underlying NFT. For example, with Bridgesplit Fractionalization, a DAO can enable 10% fractional ownership offering Discord access and 50% fractional ownership offering a vote in the DAO.
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