When fractionalizing an NFT, there are multiple customizable parameters, including:
  • Total supply : the number of fractions to split the NFT into. Collectors can hold as little of 0.01 fractions
  • Ticker: this is the symbol for the fractions that will appear on Phantom or sites like SolScan or CoinGecko (i.e $SOL for Solana)
Upon fractionalization, there are 3 action options:
  • Vote: As a holder of fractions of the NFT, the user is entitled to vote on whether or not the asset can be bought out and at what price
  • Creating a market: Holders of fractions of the NFT may also create a market to trade fractions. After fractionalizing, the user has the option to create an AMM market, Orderbook, or no market. If the user elects not to create a market, any fraction holder may still create one in the future. Read more about different markets here.
  • Providing Liquidity or Selling Shares: To create an AMM, the user must deposit the initial liquidity to the market.A user who only creates an orderbook has the option to sell shares on the orderbook. Read about providing liquidity here and selling shares here.
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