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Use the Market Borrow Page to see helpful information as you borrow. Users may also borrow using Quick Borrow Page and the Issuer Detail Page.

  1. Set the borrowed amount using the asset inputs.
  2. Adjust the LTV using the toggles. You can also set a custom value by clicking the Settings icon next to LTV or changing the collateral or borrowed amount directly.
  3. Choose how long to borrow by selecting a duration.
  4. Click your wallet balance to auto-set the collateral amount to your wallet balance.
  5. Change the collateral asset using the asset dropdowns.
  6. Expand loan health information by clicking the health factor.
  7. Click on "Borrow" to execute a market borrow order, prompting a transaction signature. This will immediately start a loan, transferring the borrowed amount to you and escrowing your collateral.