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Passkey Wallets

Bridgesplit's Passkey Wallet is an embedded wallet solution. The solution leverages industry-leading wallet infrastructure provider, dfns, to offer users a non-custodial, secure alternative to self-custodial wallets and traditional private key management.

These wallets use device-specific authentication such as a biometric (FaceID, or TouchID) to securely create and store a credential to the user’s device. This approach can enhance security by reducing the risk of phishing and eliminating the need to store or remember complex seed phrases. However, passkey wallets also have limitations, such as reduced portability across devices and more complex recovery processes if a user loses access to their authenticated device.

When creating an account, users can link a self-custodial wallet or choose to create a Passkey Wallet for asset management and transaction-signing. Compatible assets can be transferred to and from a Passkey Wallet to another self-custodial wallet or exchange.